Cleaning your valuable rugs at home should be approached with caution. If you can’t do it, call the professionals.

Rugs should be vacuumed at least twice a week. You can vacuum both sides of the rug. After taking all the dust out of your rug, lay-down your rug outside on the paved ground. After that you can take a garden hose and water it down and get it all wet.

You need to follow the mixing instruction on a store brought rug shampoo or mild dish detergent. Add couple of capfuls of mild dish detergent to a bucket of warm water. Avoid hot water to shrink fibers or fade color. Before use, test the solution on a smaller corner of the rug to make sure colors don’t run. Allow leather of shampoo or detergent deep into the rug for several minutes before rinsing. Make sure the water is clear of soapsuds before your finish.

After that, lay down the rug flat to dry. Once the topside is dry, you can flip it over to make sure bottom side of the rug is dry as well.

Clean Rugs at Home

Vacuuming a Rug



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