Many people don’t have an idea about the treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. Yes, we are talking about antique hand-knotted rugs that may look lifeless, torn, and may need some patchwork. Investing in a damaged rug may actually help you restore the beauty back to its original state. The antique rugs sometimes cannot match the standard sizes as per your requirement. You can have a rug restoring place cut the rugs in two or more pieces as per your requirement and still save the design/ border not to mention a valuable rug. A store in Soho, New York called Carpet Culture has a skilled worker stitching vintage carpets back to its original state. Many people watch her for hours by the window. The amount of patience this work requires is impeccable. Repairing rugs involves protecting the borders around the damaged area. A selvage or selvedge is a self-finished edge of fabric. The selvages keep the fabric from unraveling or fraying. Repairing Carpets requires binding selvages to prevent the edges from fraying, weaving wefts to tighten knots, adding new fringes and re-weaving lost designs or motifs.

Ideas on finding ways to restore a family heirloom:

Always clean the rug before resizing, which will take out any possible larvae because larvae can consume large amount of wool, silk fabric, feather and fur each day.

1) Get the handmade rug resized. Take the damaged area out. Sew the holes knot by knot, then create an extra rug (small) to save the leftover. Add side binding to strengthen the rug from future damage.

2) Incase the re-weaving of the missing area of the rug is costly, RUG PATCHING is a practical, affordable solution!

3) If the above options are not working for you, some rugs can be turned into pillows or ottomans.

Carpet Store in Soho, New York is  providing cheap, affordable and great services!



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